Hello and welcome

  I’m Sébastien and i am a freelance consultant for the french market.

Phone : 0033687777310

My strenghts

  • 15 years of professional experiences
  • Master in Economics, management, and Marketing

Marketing and business development

Strategic diagnostics

  • Marketing studies
  • Internal Audit
  • Recommendations and action plan

Strategic advice

  • Development of strategic objectives
  • Definition of targets, positioning

Strategic planning

  • Product / service strategy
  • Distribution / communication strategy
  • Loyalty strategy

Strategic diagnostics

I carry out your strategic diagnosis:

  1. Analysis of your external environment : ie your market in its macroeconomic dimension. By crossing institutional data in different areas associated with an analysis of your competitive intensity, I highlight the short and medium term opportunities and risks of your business. This external analysis is essential to have an enlightened vision of the market in which your company operates.
  2. Internal diagnosis of your company : I audit the resources and skills of your company, namely without being exhaustive, your know-how, your brand image, the different means (human, material, and financial) available to you to develop your various activities. This audit highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your structure.
  3. The different marketing tools used to establish these diagnoses and by crossing the data, will allow you to have a synthesis of many elements but essential to take the most viable strategic orientations for your company. This audit of your business will allow you a short and medium term projection to sustain your activities.
stratégie marketing

" By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail "
(Benjamin Franklin)

Stratégic advices

Depending on your strategic diagnosis, different objectives may be imposed on you:

– Increase in your PDM

– Increase in your turnover

– Increase in your customer portfolio

– Greater market penetration

– Improved financial profitability

and many others. Depending on your objectives, it is important to clearly define your targets, but also to know them well: their characteristics, their behavior, their purchasing power, their brakes, motivations …. This will allow us to determine a positioning to adopt. Once the positioning has been defined, it is an action plan that should be defined.

Let’s take an example: a painting company wants to improve its profitability. To do so, it is launching a range of high-end products. Its action plan will be very different in terms of products, packaging, points of sale perhaps but also communication than if it wanted to face its direct competition head-on with a volume strategy and low-price products.

You can see that these different stages are linked together logically. Marketing analyzes, stategy marketing and commercial action plan are carried out with method and rigor.

Strategic planning

In a rapidly changing economy, it is essential to make the right choices to develop your business. Mistakes are costly. It is better to prepare your actions well in advance to maximize your chances of success. Faced with hypermodern consumers, and in an omnichannel scheme of distribution and communication means, it seems important to be accompanied by a Marketing professional and to benefit from sound advice.